Through our ‘bespoke’ APP we can create customisable training programmes & packages (including ‘Home Workouts’) as well as nutrition programmes & resources – enabling us to TRACK and MONITOR your PROGRESS & ACHIEVEMENTS.

Once you have begun your health & fitness ‘journey’ with us, you will have 24/7 access to your very own DPF APP as you download it to your devices; desktop, tablet, mobile.

You can use all these ‘Powerful’  features to enhance and succeed in your experiences  with DPF. Whether you’re training is online or offline or ‘blended’ we have shown some ‘cutting’ content below – once you are ‘fully on-board’

Here's a Small snapshot of some of the many features Available:

Online workouts in ‘full flow’:

Nutrition and Fitness - This comprehensive resource is also waiting for you in our APP:

Our WORKOUT FINISHERS ensure every session is completed to your highest LEVEL):

We have plenty of ACTION to show you on the DPF In Action page…

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