Frequently Asked Questions

A Coaching Business that can offer its Clients BOTH online (virtual) & Offline (‘face to face’) Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching – including  ‘blended’  learning to both by providing additional communication, digital home-workouts & other resources through our DPF customised APP.

  • You will fill in a comprehensive ‘Health screening’ document before your Consultation.
  • This information coupled with a number of ‘sub maximal’ (not too intense) fitness tests and body measurements will be completed by you in your Lifestyle & Fitness Assessment Consultation.
  • We will discuss together all the information and results from your Lifestyle & Fitness assessment.
  • This will help us discuss and plan the most appropriate and specific Programme and Goals to you.
  • Similar to ‘face to face’ – same ‘tailored’ structure, intensity, demonstrations, teaching points and ‘Banter’.
  • The principle difference is ‘doing it through the t.v’ using the ZOOM app on your mobile device of choice.
  • You will automatically be sent the DPF APP to download for your Programme/Package and be able to keep Forever!
  • At present we have Four different options, all explained in more detail on the Programmes & Packages page.
  • All Programmes & Packages include digital ‘homeworkout plans’ – in the DPF APP (tailored to you and all group fitness levels)
  • We can provide an ONLINE Programme or Training Package to anyone, wherever you are in the World!

Yes we do, 3 options (please also see Programmes & Packages);

  1. Your Garden
  2. SunHill Recreation Park (SO24 9NQ)
  3. Wayfarers Walk/trails (SO24 9PA) meeting at Alresford Golf club

This varies on the type you choose , please see; Programmes & Packages for specific options, including Price.

  • Yes, all 121 programmes are 100% specific to you, including starting fitness level, goals, equipment available, including appropriate digital homeworkouts ‘set’ to your ‘metrics’, time available to train etc
  • The Private group training will be appropriate to the overall fitness level of the group – we recommend your group is of similar standard, including training goals but modifications and variations can be included – this will also be reflected in the ‘metrics’ (frequency, intensity, time & type) of your digital homeworkouts.
  • The Suspension Fitness ‘Masterclass’ is set at Intermediate/Advanced standard and a ‘base’ level of 9-12 weeks regular weekly fitness participation is recommended.

We can track & monitor your progress in many ways; reassessing fitness tests, measurements, analysing your nutrition, your adherence to the programme and how often you complete and ‘log’ sessions, changes in the ‘metrics’ of your sessions (frequency, intensity, time and type) your movement during sessions as well as your own feedback.

  • Through all the features of the APP – logging workouts, nutrition & the ‘chat’ feature.
  • We can use two way feedback during Consultations & Reviews using Zoom as well as ‘face to face’ during Offline sessions.
  • No, this is entirely dependant on each individual – its about the cliché ‘little steps’
  • We all have different fitness levels and goals, however over time we expect you to want to train more but equally to adhere to your structured programme – including rest days, avoid injury and to ultimately enjoy & Thrive!

Yes, all our 121 programmes will be specific to your individual circumstance & preferences.

  • Yes, we are able to offer Private small group coaching of up to 4
  • Dyna – ‘Trail Blazers’
  • Dyna – ‘Bodyweight & Bands’
  • Dyna – ‘Functional Strength & Cardio’
  • We anticipate ‘opening’ this up to ‘general’ sessions in the future.

A) Your Garden
B) SunHill Recreation Park (SO24 9NQ)
C) Wayfarers Walk/Trails (SO24 9PA) meet at Alresford Golf Club.

Yes, all our 121 programmes will be specific to your level 100%

Don is an Exercise referral Specialist and most injuries and disorders can be helped through rehabilitation, stretching and low intensity exercise – however for serious illnesses and diseases including heart, cancer and eating intolerances/disorders a Specialist Practitioner will be recommended

This varies and obviously certain times are more popular and i am lucky that many clients have been with me for up to 3 or 4 years.
However, i have a lot of flexibility and generally a second preffered choice will be available (just ask)

  • We will also give you a nutrition programme if appropriate and we have a comprehensive APP guide; Dyna – Life Goal habits for all in our programme to refer and keep
  •  Your nutrient composition and diet can be regularly tracked, assessed and modified ‘along the way’

No, but there may be recommended changes to variables e.g overall calorie consumption, proportion of macronutrients, portion size – as a guide ‘think’ 90/10 long term and 80/20 short term (‘healthy/treats’)

  • Yes, Don is a Level 4 Certified Nutrition Coach.
  • We also have a great digital Nutritional resource and the APP has over 6000 foods.
  • Just your ‘body’ to start with – Don can advise on portable, inexpensive but highly functional equipment after you have had our Consultation/begun your programme.
  • Don provides functional kit and equipment for the group training if offline.

No, although we may offer one in the future where there will be even more resources, workouts & classes available to Members at a nominal rate.

No, this is entirely up to the Individual – some find this helpful and motivating, others are not as comfortable.

Yes, absolutely, we are very experienced with all types of cardio & Gym equipment and Don trains with all equipment weekly

  • The APP is very ‘user friendly’ and we have provided general user information in the ‘FILE’ in the APP at the beginning of your programme.
  • There is an APP ‘chat’ feature whereby you can send any questions and we will answer ASAP.

This is extremely rare but please read our Terms & Conditions

Of course, we can discuss alternative Programmes & Packages and/or we offer a reduced ‘continuation rate’ on the 12 week 121 Programmes

  • No, its for everybody that has enrolled on a Programme/Package with DPF (irrespective of ONLINE/OFFLINE).
  • This is the ‘beauty’ of a HYBRID Coaching Business & ‘Blended’ learning.
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