'Blended' Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching...

Using the DPF APP for all ONLINE/OFFLINE Programmes & Packages

Specialists in -

Functional and Specific Fitness Training

  • Exercise, workouts & programmes appropriate to everyday movements.
  • Endurance, Power & Strength Programme Options.
  • Fitness for recovery and rehabilitation
  • Sport specific training programmes
  • Available for Bodyweight only, Portable resistance and gym equipment training.

Flexible Nutrition

  • Diary or app option for  food logging/tracking
  • Advice and recommendations on diet, weight management (loss & gain).
  • Nutrition advice for all dietary requirements

Hybrid Fitness

  • Online programmes and packages
  • Offline programmes and packages
  • ‘Blended’ programmes and packages

Discover our ‘journey’ by viewing our About page.

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Why not take a look at our Dyna ‘Life-Goal habits’ for an insight into how to make and manage positive lifestyle changes.

Next, preview our bespoke DPF APP and see all the powerful features that will assist you with your Programme or Package.

The motivation and inspiration elevates when you ‘arrive’ at our DPF in Action – digital workouts both online and offline show the diversity, intensity and quality of the training that DPF delivers.

We’re confident you will be impressed but just in case there’s any uncertainty we have provided an extensive FAQs section to put your mind at rest!

Finally, the contact form’ will enable you to ‘move’ forwards with your own journey and goals and the ‘sign up’ can begin as we send you the DPF APP download link.

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