In January 2015 both myself and my friend Wendy did the ‘DYNA’ Ski Fit programme with Don at Dynamite Personal Fitness.

This programme was brilliant and helped focus our training and preparation for the slopes – great to be out on the mountains everyday with the family and it even helped trying to keep up with the teenagers on the downhill … well nearly!!

Sallie Parker

Both Sallie and Wendy continue to attend weekly ‘DYNA’ full body conditioning classes.



A recent testimonial received from Neil an existing 1-2-1 client with Dynamite Personal Fitness


With the usual trepidation I climbed onto the scales on the 1st of January this year looking down I was greeted by 15st 8lb the heaviest I have managed to be in my previous 39 years although this was not a personal goal that I really wanted to achieve and along with a high blood pressure and a 40th birthday due fairly imminently a decision had to be made, so I set myself a target I’m going to do Tough Mudder this year (how hard could it be).

Armed with my new master plan I approached some of my work colleagues and we agreed we would put a team together which we did, and then pay for our entry which we also did for a jaw dropping £90 each so no turning back now.

Early training went ok, many moons ago I used to run half marathons so I was no stranger to running but didn’t seem to enjoy it as much anymore so decided to do some weight training to build my upper body strength which was also ok to begin with, but after several conflicting points of view I found myself again struggling to motivate myself and although I had dropped down to just under 15st I didn’t seem to be-able to lose anymore I was stuck and Tough Mudder was approaching fast.

It was my wife and a social media site that provided the solution when one Friday the ever supportive Mrs Storey found Don’s details on Facebook and suggested I gave him a call which I did and after a good discussion about what my needs and goals were we agreed a date for me to meet him and do a fitness test and put together a program.

On the first actual session I suddenly found myself motivated there were exercises I could take away with me and do in my own time with limited equipment and many that required no additional equipment at all and at the end of the session I found that I actually wanted to do more of this style of training it was infectious.

After sessions 2 and 3 I was addicted, I was training 4 or 5 times a week, losing weight and toning up nicely. I had bought some bits of kits such as a Kettlebell (its truly amazing what you can do with one of them but prior to Don’s instruction I had no idea) I had now got a suspension trainer set up in my garage which again I had never used or even heard of until I started my program with Don.

Sessions 4,5 and 6 bought loads more combinations of exercises that were working all parts of my body, I was faster, stronger, motivated and nearly Tough Mudder ready with my weight down to 14st 4lb and still training 4 or 5 times a week I felt really good physically and mentally.

Tough Mudder came and went and I really enjoyed it, so much so that I also entered and completed a Warrior Run 3 weeks after, would this of been the case had I not had Don’s personal training sessions, probably not. I am not selling this as a miracle training regime it requires you to put in 100% effort whether it’s a session with Don or by yourself and you will only get out what you put in but I will say that Don gives you all the tools you will require to improve at your own pace, he is very good at bringing the best out in you and his knowledge of exercises and how to link them together is outstanding, without his motivation and help I am sure that I would be nowhere near where I am physically now.

Stats bit. I now weigh 13st 12lb, have lost 3 ½ inches from my waist and have gained 2 inches across my chest, would I recommend Don to anyone, I certainly would and I really can’t thank him enough for the help and support he has given me.

Don's Dynamite Personal Fitness Testimonials

“Whilst Don allows you to work at your own pace,  he makes sure in an encouraging and supportive way, that you push yourself to achieve that little bit more than you thought you could. I always feel pleased that I made the effort to go to the sessions as I can definitely feel the benefit.”

Wendy, Ropley

Don's Dynamite Personal Fitness Testimonials

“I enjoy going to Don’s fitness sessions because it’s fun, different and challenging.My fitness has improved greatly – I can now do press-ups!There is a good atmosphere and I feel the classes are making a good impact on my health and fitness. I can be lazy at times but Don’s high energy class is and is definitely motivational!”

Rebecca, Alresford


Don's Dynamite Personal Fitness Testimonials

“Every week is different. Don, makes the classes fun and no two weeks are the same! It has really helped me to enjoy a workout because it doesn’t feel like a ‘slog’, Don is always cheerful and a great motivator.”

Jo, Alresford


Don's Dynamite Personal Fitness Testimonials

“Dons sessions are a must for me every week, they are fun and varied, but also hard work! But it’s worth it, I definitely know that my level of fitness has improved. Thanks Don… see you next week!”

Alex, Cheriton


Don's Dynamite Personal Fitness Testimonials

“Don’s lessons fly by – they are varied, effective, action-packed, exhausting but above all brilliant fun. I really feel the results. Thank you.”

Mrs M, Medstead 

Don's Dynamite Personal Fitness Testimonials

“Following a period of ill health and surgery I booked a 12 week programme with don. He has scheduled the pace of the fitness plan to build both my recovery and confidence. I feel more toned and fitter than i have in years.”

A. Barber, Southampton

Don's Dynamite Personal Fitness Testimonials

“Don’s classes are challenging and rewarding! He pays close attention to each student and creates a class that suits everyone of us. Don is very professional and is a perfect combination of tough and warm, he works with the whole person, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Don’s classes have a fantastic combination of diverse training methods, individualised exercise programmes and challenging yet achievable goal setting. His knowledge of the human body and how it works, combined with his enthusiasm which is contagious, means I ALWAYS look forward to the class.”

Roessa Marks – (Bowen practitioner)

Don's Dynamite Personal Fitness Testimonials

“I really look forward to my fitness training with Don. He pushes me right out of my comfort zone and makes me work really hard but in a fun and energising way! The music really helps and we laugh so much the time just disappears. At the end of the session I feel so good and know I would never have worked so hard on my own! It’s great fun!”

Gina Rees Hursley, Winchester

Don's Dynamite Personal Fitness Testimonials

“Great training come rain or shine. Don keeps you motivated through a gruelling programme of exercises. Perfect start to 2013.”

Fiona Mcintosh

Don's Dynamite Personal Fitness Testimonials

“Absolutely love it! 9am Monday mornings, it is the best start to the week. Fast, dynamic and fun and it changes every session so you never get bored. Couldn’t recommend it enough.”


Don's Dynamite Personal Fitness Testimonials

“An all round body blitz! Don’s sessions are designed to work every part of the body. Hard work but great fun and there’s lots of variety. Don is a great motivator and a first class trainer, tailoring his work outs to suit all abilities and levels of fitness.”