Henry, Bighton (September 2018)

The benefits of 1-2-1 training with Don cannot be over exaggerated. Exercise is about so much more and Don provides the expertise, focus, drive to completely transform your lifestyle – becoming fitter and losing weight is almost a bye product!...

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Mark, Winchester (September 2018)

I have tried several different personal trainers over the years, and Don has excelled all of them. Every workout has been tailored, stimulating and different in line with my long term goal to maintain a good level of general fitness...

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Alex, Bramdean (September 2018)

I have been attending Don’s classes regularly for the past five years and cannot now imagine life without a weekly injection of exercise to help sustain my level of fitness. Don tailors the sessions to my ability and offers weekly...

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Todd, Alresford (September 2018)

I started my 121 programme as I gave up playing football and wanted a new way to maintain my fitness. As well as maintaining a fitness level, I’ve always had a slim frame and felt very self-conscious and worried that...

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Jonathan, Bramdean (September 2018)

I started going to Don as I was fed up with being lethargic, unfit and suffering from chronic back problems. I had goals of being able to play tennis, golf and cricket again. With his blend of humour, patience and...

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Lilla, Medstead (September 2018)

I originally started Don’s 121 programme to get fit for skiing; to maintain a good level of fitness for long dog walks and an occasional cycling holiday. After a few weeks I noticed a definite improvement in my core strength,...

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Dom, Alresford (September 2018)

I have been having 1-2-1 fitness sessions with Don for over 2 years. My initial programme was focussed on weightloss and i achieved my goal of dropping just under 2 stone through the first 12 week programme and a 10...

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Sam, Alresford (September 2018)

I like my training with Don. I like the boxing training. It keeps me fit and gives me more energy. I have more flexibility and my co-ordination has improved. This is something I’ve had a problem with in the past....

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Colin, Medstead (September 2018)

Don Perrin, the owner, organises my personal bespoke exercise programme, that he adjusts according to my energy levels and commitments etc, all at his welcoming and well equipped gym. As a golfer I have found Don’s exercise routines have increased...

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Gina, Winchester (September 2018)

I have always been interested in trying to keep fit and over the years have joined many group sessions but about 4 years ago became very ill and struggled to keep up with others in the group. Don told me...

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Keith, Alresford (September 2018)

I decided to use Don's fitness services in order to get back into shape after many years of no excercise. Having a one to one training session is so much more beneficial than a general gym membership. Don knows exactly...

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I would very much like to thank all of the above for their very generous words, loyalty and custom and their huge contribution to DPF as their stories will inspire many others to start their own Health & fitness journey.

Similarly, extending my gratitude to all clients past and present who I have/do enjoy helping and teaching so much – I too will forever value your commitment, determination and friendship.


Past client and now competitive athlete, Neil Storey epitomises The Dyna way and those evocative and thought provoking words ‘Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit’ as he started his journey with us in March, 2015 and surmised his own journey below:

With the usual trepidation I climbed onto the scales on the 1stof January this year looking down I was greeted by 15st 8lb the heaviest I have managed to be in my previous 39 years although this was not a personal goal that I really wanted to achieve and along with a high blood pressure and a 40thbirthday due fairly imminently a decision had to be made, so I set myself a target I’m going to do Tough Mudder this year (how hard could it be).

Armed with my new master plan I approached some of my work colleagues and we agreed we would put a team together which we did, and then pay for our entry which we also did for a jaw dropping £90 each so no turning back now.

Early training went ok, many moons ago I used to run half marathons so I was no stranger to running but didn’t seem to enjoy it as much anymore so decided to do some weight training to build my upper body strength which was also ok to begin with, but after several conflicting points of view I found myself again struggling to motivate myself and although I had dropped down to just under 15st I didn’t seem to be-able to lose anymore I was stuck and Tough Mudder was approaching fast.

It was my wife and a social media site that provided the solution when one Friday the ever supportive Mrs Storey found Don’s details on Facebook and suggested I gave him a call which I did and after a good discussion about what my needs and goals were we agreed a date for me to meet him and do a fitness test and put together a program.

On the first actual session I suddenly found myself motivated there were exercises I could take away with me and do in my own time with limited equipment and many that required no additional equipment at all and at the end of the session I found that I actually wanted to do more of this style of training it was infectious.


After sessions 2 and 3 I was addicted, I was training 4 or 5 times a week, losing weight and toning up nicely. I had bought some bits of kits such as a Kettlebell (its truly amazing what you can do with one of them but prior to Don’s instruction I had no idea) I had now got a suspension trainer set up in my garage which again I had never used or even heard of until I started my program with Don.

Sessions 4,5 and 6 bought loads more combinations of exercises that were working all parts of my body, I was faster, stronger, motivated and nearly Tough Mudder ready with my weight down to 14st 4lb and still training 4 or 5 times a week I felt really good physically and mentally.

Tough Mudder came and went and I really enjoyed it, so much so that I also entered and completed a Warrior Run 3 weeks after, would this of been the case had I not had Don’s personal training sessions, probably not. I am not selling this as a miracle training regime it requires you to put in 100% effort whether it’s a session with Don or by yourself and you will only get out what you put in but I will say that Don gives you all the tools you will require to improve at your own pace, he is very good at bringing the best out in you and his knowledge of exercises and how to link them together is outstanding, without his motivation and help I am sure that I would be nowhere near where I am physically now.


Stats bit. I now weigh 13st 12lb, have lost 3 ½ inches from my waist and have gained 2 inches across my chest, would I recommend Don to anyone, I certainly would and I really can’t thank him enough for the help and support he has given me.