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For those currently exercising regularly once/twice per week (base to good fitness level) who desire a dynamic workout to compliment/recharge their current fitness routine/program.

  • 1 hour one to one session
  • General or sports specific training £40 per session (Dynamite Gym); £45 if at your  house, garden, ‘facility’ (I can bring the gym to you)

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Same as above, for friends/training partners with similar fitness levels, goals, work rates!

  • £45 per session (£22.50 each) at my Dynamite Gym
  • £50 (£25 each) if at your home/facility etc

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Training Session


  • Classes are typically 6/7 weeks block booking (around the school half-term); £42 for a 6 week course
  • All fitness levels (16 years plus): Interval Training using body weight and resistance equipment
  • Core strength, cardiovascular, muscular endurance and strength, agility, plyometrics and flexibility training

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Small group training (3-10):

  • Have fun with your friends whilst exercising for a structured, explosive 60 minutes
  • Physical – Abdominal, resistance and cardio circuit/interval training (PARC) using  (bodyweight exercises), kettlebells, dumbells, medicine balls, resistance bands, steps/plyo boxes, agility and balance aids , suspension trainers, battling ropes, Lebert Equalizers etc
  • Training at your venue/home (including access to an indoor facility – barn, outhouse), this encourages continuity of training and ensures no sessions are missed
  • 6 or 10 week courses (in tandem with the School half/term)
  • Cost dependant on numbers e.g 3 in group , £120 each for 6 week course, (equating to £20 per session each)
    •   4 in group, £90 each          (£15 session price)
    •    5 in group, £92 each          (£12 session price)
    •   6 in group, £63 each          (£10.50 session price)
    •  7 in group, £54 each          (£9.00 session price)
    •   8 in group, £48 each          (£8.00 session price)
    •    9 in group, £45 each          (£7.50 session price)
    •   10 in group, £42 each        (£7 session price)
  • Payment in full one week before course commencement

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DYNA – ‘Total Overhaul’ (12 week intensive one to one programme)

For those that are completely new to exercise, haven’t exercised regularly for a ‘while’ or if you require a structured personal programme that will achieve your fitness goals (anyone that needs help with their motivation, diet, fitness knowledge and a fresh perspective from an educated, understanding and inspired trainer)!

Personal Training

  • FREE 75-90 minutes (advise you allow for 90) fitness consultation/assessment and lifestyle review, including nutritional
    analysis and comprehensive anthropometric body measurement recordings
  • 12 x 60 minute sessions – the ‘programme’ programme structured and specific to your fitness and lifestyle needs
    and goals (short, medium and long term goals)
  • Review and evaluation of programme in week 6 (15 minute consultation before this session)
  • Additional 3 x 4 weekly ‘home’ periodisation sessions written for you (to be completed around one to one sessions)
    based on your goals (programme), time, motivation to train etc

Cost: £439 (payment plan available) e.g £139 deposit payable on fitness assessment (to be conducted 7 to 10 days before first session).

  • £100 on 3rd session
  • £100 on 6thsession
  • £100 on 9th session
  • After your 12 week individual programme you can continue with 1-2-1 sessions at the rate of £30 per session (minimum block booking of 10 required).

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