Protein can reduce appetite and hunger levels
• Most filling of all food groups.
• Reduces cravings and desire for late night snacking.
Protein can increase muscle mass and strength
• Muscle is made primarily of protein, a high protein intake can help you make mass and strength and can reduce muscle loss when losing weight.
Protein is good for your bones
• As we get older bones become more brittle, protein reduces this and the risk of osteoporosis.
Protein can boost metabolism and increase fat burning
• Protein has the highest thermal effect of all food groups By boosting metabolism and helps burn more calories throughout the day
Protein keeps weight off long term and therefore bodyfat
• Reduces cravings
• Helps metabolism stay high, therefore burns more calories
• Increases muscle size, resulting in more surface area to burn fat
Protein can help your body repair itself after your workouts
• As protein forms the main building block of body tissues and organs
• Aids recovery and repair
Protein can help you keep and stay fit as you get older
Reduces muscle wasting (Sarcopenia) associated with ageing.