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‘DYNA’ Ski Fit (Jan 2015) clients enjoying the snow!!



In January 2015 both myself and my friend Wendy did the ‘DYNA’ Ski Fit programme with Don at Dynamite Personal Fitness.

This programme was brilliant and helped focus our training and preparation for the slopes – great to be out on the mountains everyday with the family and it even helped trying to keep up with the teenagers on the downhill … well nearly!!

Sallie Parker

Both Sallie and Wendy continue to attend weekly ‘DYNA‘ full body conditioning classes.





‘DYNA’ Ski Fit

Ski Fitness – why, What, when and How


If you’ve booked your skiing holiday then you will be looking forward to it with much eagerness and excitement – the thrill and speed it brings, the health benefits of the ‘alpine air’, time away from the pressures of work, a break from the wet and gloomy British winter etc etc

Therefore, it is essential that you are as fully prepared  in order to realise all the benefits skiing brings, both physical and mental.

However, many of you will only enjoy this holiday once a year, many will not have been exercising regularly prior to your holiday – spending hours on the slope each day for a whole week, although exhilarating is extremely challenging, particularly on your body .

The last thing you want after waiting so long for this holiday and investing so much money is to get injured and miss out on all the fun…..

The risks of injury and muscle soreness can all be greatly reduced through a well structured and monitored physical conditioning programme such as the six week/session ‘DYNASki Fit’

This programme will focus on four areas;

improving cardiovascular fitness and stamina  – for greater endurance and weightloss/fatloss (making you faster for longer)

building muscular endurance and strength – big focus on the legs (quads and glutes), the main power muscles used during skiing .

developing core strength – by working the lower abdominals, back muscles and side (obliques) ensures ‘everywhere else works’

increasing flexibility and balance – enabling good range of movement in your joints and suppleness when (if) you fall over!

The DYNA ski fit programme will focus on the above ‘fitness components’ through diverse and dynamic ‘interval training’ – the short ‘stop/start’ bursts of exercise mimicking the speed and endurance required when coping with the steep slopes, twists and turns and other challenges this sport  provides and excites !


I recommend you book onto such a programme at least 6 weeks (6 sessions over 3 weeks will also help you prepare adequately) before your holiday – this will allow enough time to prepare your body and adapt to the demands your holiday will bring , providing you with the body and confidence to fully enjoy  your experience.


As mentioned already, you can enrol on a six week course or ‘cram’ six sessions into 3 weeks – i can provide your programme at my own gym (see throughout this site) or i can travel to your home.

Please book your FREE Fitness Assessment and the Course in advance of your holiday as already mentioned in order that it really is the memorable one you had hoped – for all the right reasons !

You can split the cost and share the fun by doing the sessions with your partner or a friend

The cost is  £229 but i am currently offering a 10% discount, extended for bookings until the end of January, 2016 (discount available if you book your course within this time even if your holiday isn’t until March 2016 ).

I guarantee this investment is worth the ‘holiday’ of a lifetime…..

“Green Smoothies” aka ….. Fast Food… Healthy Food !!

gs c        gs m

Yes, that is my definition of a Green smoothie

Probably not the most obvious choice but if we take a closer “look” at a Green smoothie you might just see my point of view….. you might even try for yourself….you might even like….you might even become addicted to them!

So I am going to start by offering my interpretation of the following:-

  • What is a green smoothie?
  • The benefits of blending greens, nutrient extraction and the overall health benefits of green smoothies
  • How to add green smoothies to your diet
  • Best vegetables and fruit to include
  • Green smoothies for weight loss
  • Some examples of green smoothies

Green smoothies are an easy solution for both children and adults in getting their daily recommended portions of nutrient rich fruit and vegetables.

These smoothies contain leafy green vegetables, which contain a host of nutrient dense “essentials” including; amino acids, iron, chlorophyll, vitamins, fibre and minerals. To sweeten your green smoothies, add sweet fruits that will disguise the taste of vegetables (if you don’t like them !!).

To make a green smoothie simply combine a few handfuls of different greens (even carrots, beetroots etc) then add some fruits like bananas, apples, strawberries, blueberries etc – then add water and/or yogurt and you have a healthy ‘good to go’ green smoothie.

The benefits of blending greens, nutrient extraction and the overall health benefits of green smoothies

Living in todays busy world we often “eat on the run”, failing both to eat healthily or properly chew what we eat.

This resulting in our digestive system having to work harder to extract nutrients from poorly chewed food. In time, this adds further stress to our digestive enzymes and weakens them.

Even if we perceive that we eat healthily our digestive system can fail to break down enough of the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients from our food unless more nutrient dense vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds are broken down into their highest digestable form before they are consumed – Nutrient Extraction

There are many benefits from including green smoothies regularly into our diet – by blending or extracting the nutrients in our vegetables, fruit and nuts we can expect to see the following positive changes:-

  • Increased energy
  • Improved mood
  • Improved condition of our hair, nails and skin
  • Increased athletic performance
  • Better sleep
  • Reduce our cholesterol
  • Weight loss
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Better digestion (decreased constipation, gas, bloating and IBF)

How to add green smoothies to your diet

If you want energy that will last throughout the day that wont leave your stomach feeling bloated and heavy then green smoothies are an excellent breakfast alternative; equally a great midday or afternoon snack.

They are a fast and easy lunch alternative, portable and easy to store ensuring no lengthy preparation and heating are required.

For taste, health benefits and internal PH balance it is recommended the average green smoothie contains 40-50% green leafy vegetables and 50-60% fruit.

Finally, green smoothies are a great dessert and very popular as a weight loss/healthy low fat replacement to high fat content meals and snacks.

Best Vegetables and Fruits to Add

The list is endless, however, common choices could include:-

Green Vegetables:                   

Spinach – Kale – Swiss Chard leaves – Parsley – Watercress/Rocket – Romaine Lettuce – Mustard Greens – Mint – Broccoli – Cucumber – Courgette – Celery

Other Vegetables:

Carrots – Beetroot


Strawberries – Apples – Plums – Mango – Banana – Watermelon – Papaya -Kiwis – Pineapple – Blueberries – Oranges/satsumas

For an even more energising and nutritious “blast” you can add these high protein superfoods:-

  • Flax seeds
  • Goiji berries
  • Chia seeds
  • Spirulina
  • Hemp seeds
  • Sesame seeds
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Medjool dates
  • Almond Butter
  • Whey protein

Green smoothies for weight loss             

By replacing just one meal per day can help you see noticeable results.

Green smoothies can help you lose weight quite simply by substituting a high fat (saturated), high calorie (high GI) less healthy meal with a nutritious, low fat green smoothie.

Green smoothies can also be a substitute for less healthy snacks.


Banana Blueberry Green smoothie

2 Tablespoons of hulled hemp seed

1 cup of blueberries

2 cups of water

2 bananas

One handful of Kale

Berry Apple Green smoothie

1 cup of blueberries

1 cup of raspberries

1-2 handfuls of Spinach

2 cups of water

1 apple

Orange and Banana Green smoothie

2 large leaves of Swiss chard

1 Banana

2 oranges

2 cups of water

Chia seeds 

Strawberry and Pineapple Green smoothie

1 cup of strawberries (can also use frozen)

1 cup of pineapple

2 handfuls of Spinach leaves

1 Stork of celery leaf

1 banana

How about trying these Dynamite creations

 dyna smooth       

DYNA – Green Beat

3 Handfuls of Kale

2 Beetroots

4 Carrots

200ml of plain greek yogurt

12-20 grapes

1-2 desert spoons of almond butter

1 teaspoon of Spirulina

2 cups of water

DYNA – Green Beret

2 cups of broccoli

2 cups of Spinach

1 Advacado

2 kiwis

200ml of blueberry yogurt

6 medjool dates

1-2 dessert spoons milled lindseed with goji berries and pumpkin seeds

2 cups of water

We hope you enjoy your green smoothies and this encourages you to start making them an integral part of your exercise, nutrition and lifestyle regime.


on Green Smoothies …….. Lots of healthy smoothies for children ……. lots more recipes for those that like their smoothies even more ‘hardcore’ and we identify specific recipes and ingredients that have been shown to help improve and reduce over twenty different health and medical disorders.


karen susp 3

I think we all know that exercise has multitude of benefits and is in essence, the perfect PRODUCT – Cheap, highly versatile and with little side effects !!


For many it is seen a ‘little’ differently:-

  • Expensive – Gym memberships
  • Time consuming – eg 1 hour of monotonous outdoor running/treadmill, cross training etc
  • Bewildering and overwhelming – There is so much equipment to choose from and different training programmes.
  • Unmotivating – ‘same old, same old’

All of the above are some of the reasons/excuses we use that sadly now contribute to such high worldwide levels of chronic disease through inactivity.

Whats the answer?

To find a way of exercising our bodies in a way that is achievable, effective and most of all sustainable so that the PRODUCT becomes part of our lifestyle, rather than an inconvenience.

Yes, Dynamite Fitness is a PRODUCT, however, this article is about the diversity, affordability, versatility, low impact of SUSPENSION FITNESS and in particular ‘DYNA – Suspension Fitness’.

In short, Suspension Fitness is a multi functional integrated training system that uses straps and handles; it works all components of fitness:-

  • Core Stability
  • Cardio Vascular
  • Agility
  • Strength
  • Proprioception

It is a portable gym – you can use it in your own home, by attaching the straps over a door (door anchors included with all kits) or hang the straps over a tree, goal post etc in the park.

Furthermore suspension fitness follows all the principles of fitness as all exercises can be progressed or regressed by adjusting the following:

  • Frequency
  • Intensity
  • Time
  • Type

Perhaps the greatest ‘selling point’ is that doing all exercises incorporated in Suspension Fitness will ensure the muscles of the core are fully engaged – stabilising the spine and all joints. These core muscles of the lumbar/pelvic region also assist with pushing and pulling movements and therefore reduce the risk of injury to the lower back….. how many of you have lower back injuries?

All in all, suspension fitness can enable clients to experience and enhance their performance achieved during regular daily life as well as improved health and wellbeing.

Why ‘DYNA’ Suspension Fitness in particular?

  • Varied exercises and workouts using this system
  • Safe and correct teaching throughout each session
  • Fun and motivational teaching
  • A unique progressive fitness programme whereby you will receive a video ebook of all workouts/sessions at the end of the course.

I hope the video (video link) motivates and inspires you to engage in this form of training and enrol on a course with us (see services & packages).

What To Eat Before, During & After Exercise To Boost Your Metabolism: 22nd March 2015

Before training

Ideally aim to have a meal 2-4 hours before a workout, this should leave enough time to digest your food

In general opt for a low GI meal- food that produces a gradual rise in blood sugar (low GI foods help spur muscle glycogen and avoid problems of low blood sugar levels during training sessions).

Pre-Exercise Meals

The following meals have a low or moderate GI and again are best consumed 2-4 hours before exercise

  • Chicken, fish or beans, vegetables and potatoes
  • Jacket potato with beans, cheese, meat, fish or poultry (+ salad)
  • Pasta with pesto sauce, vegetables and cheese
  • Chicken, fish or beans with rice and vegetables
  • Porridge made with oats and milk (semi or full fat is fine) + fruit
  • Fish pie and vegetables
  • Stir fry, poultry, prawns or tofu with vegetables and noodles

Pre-exercise snacks

The following snacks have a moderate to high GI and are best consumed 30-60 minutes before exercise-

  • a pot (125g) of yoghurt (plain Greek and full fat is best) or 1-2 pieces of fresh fruit.
  • 25 grams dried fruit and 25 grams nuts
  • Sandwich with chicken or cheese, eggs or humus + salad
  • A granola or oat based cereal bar
  • 1-2 slices of toast with peanut butter

During training

It is only necessary to stay hydrated with water during one hour exercise sessions (which are more than enough for the majority of us).

Diluted squash, cordial and isotonic drinks/gels are only really necessary for endurance events lasting 1-3 hours or more. 

After Exercise

The period following your exercise sessions and workouts is hugely important when it comes to improving your fitness and body composition.

During this post exercise period, your body gets stronger and fitter- a hard/intensive session depletes your muscle stores of glycogen and breaks down muscle tissue (you should aim to rebuild the stores and repair damaged muscle fibres before your next session/workout)

As a ‘rule of thumb’ the sooner you can begin refuelling after exercise, the quicker your body will recover.

During this time, the speed of glycogen replenishment and muscle manufacture is greater than normal.

Your muscle cells are more sensitive to insulin and the enzymes responsible for making glycogen are more responsive after your workout- leaving you a two hour ‘window’ to reload your muscle glycogen (carbohydrate is converted to glycogen 1.5 times faster than normal during this post-exercise period).

Waiting more than two hours reduces your body’s ability to convert what you eat and drink into glycogen by up to 66%…..the longer you wait, the longer it will take to start the recovery process!!


Therefore, a carbohydrate and protein rich drink or snack as soon as possible after your workout is the recommendation- ideally within 30 minutes and no more than two hours (your carbohydrate stores will be depleted and a rapid uptake of glucose and amino acids to the blood stream and the muscle cells is needed)

Examples of high GI carb and protein-rich liquids for refuelling include:

  • 600ml of milk
  • 450ml of plain (full fat Greek yoghurt)
  • 500ml of yoghurt and fruit milkshake
  • 20-30grams of whey protein (with 250-300ml of water)

For optimal recovery, including meals and snacks; a combination of both carbohydrate and proteins are needed and not fat.

Finally, although, after a workout moderate and high GI carbohydrates are recommended, it is important that for other meals and on rest days you stick to low GI carbohydrates.

What & When To Eat (in general)

Below are simple guidelines- (I go into much more detail in my new client ebook ; ‘Living The DYNA-META Way’ (currently being edited)


– Buy fresh, from locally grown and organic suppliers; particularly for meat, eggs, fish and dairy products (as they can potentially contain high amounts of toxins) e.g if genetically modified ,not grass fed or free range and can contain lots of harmful pesticides.

-Eat THERMOGENIC foods (these heat up and raise your metabolism with PROTEIN having the highest thermic effect of all foods ) .
Other thermic foods from CARBOHYDRATES and FATS include; olive oil, broccoli, flax seeds, green tea and avocadoes.

Not only will eating ‘thermic’ help you achieve HORMONAL BALANCE but they will help you; feel satisfied, fight disease and lose fat.

-Drink as much water as possible between meal times and throughout the day (at least 8 glasses), water not only keeps you hydrated and raises your metabolism but also helps our liver by flushing out fat and helps supress appetite.

– To help you feel fuller ‘earlier’ – try having soup or salad before your lunch or dinner; this fills you up quickly and discourages you from eating more for the rest of the meal and snacking on sugary simple carbohydrates.

– I recommend an eating plan that contains one serving of lean protein, low GI Carbohydrates (foods that produce a slower and smaller rise in blood glucose levels) and healthy fats at each meal.


Eating at the correct times throughout the day will help to maximise fat burning and keep hunger away!

– Aim to eat every 3-4 hours, including snacks – timing meals in this way will improve fat loss by preventing excess insulin, allowing the ‘appetite’ hormone LEPTIN to work on appetite control and metabolism and by balancing the stress hormone CORTISOL.

– Try combining starchy carbohydrates at lunch/dinner or after workouts rather than breakfast.

– Always eat within 45 minutes of finishing exercise/your workout – this meal or snack is the only one of the day that should NOT contain much fat and should be higher in Carbohydrates.

– Never do Resistance or Strength Training on an empty stomach, you need energy from all your foods to perform optimally.
However, Cardio Endurance can be completed before breakfast if for less than 30 minutes in duration.

– Eat the protein on your plate first to help speed the signal to your brain that you are full.

– If you are having alcohol, consume after your meal to enhance the hormones involved in appetite and digestion

– Try to eat within one hour of waking up and never within a 2/3 hour period of going to bed – if you feel you need to eat within this period; opt for a light meal or snack that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates and fat e.g grilled chicken, salad,, veggie stir fry or protein shake made with berries and water.

Later in the week, I will provide an ‘excerpt’ that is more specific to; EATING BEFORE, DURING & AFTER EXERCISE… 🙂


We are all constantly preached the many physical and mental benefits of
exercise such as ; lowers heart rate long term, elevates mood, lowers risk of diseases and disorders such as Type 2 Diabetes, helps with weight and fat loss, increases ‘good’ cholesterol etc etc


Do we understand that the type and intensity of exercise, eating ‘clean’ and metabolically and maintaining healthy lifestyles are all necessary together to truly achieve the above benefits.

Our ability to speed up the metabolic processes within our body through exercise and the hormonal benefits that our workouts will achieve, more specifically include;

– Increased Testosterone, required for increased muscle building and motivation
– Increased DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone), the anti -aging, anti-stress and muscle enhancing hormone.
– Reduced CORTISOL levels (stress hormone) and a more balanced nervous system (when we exercise properly).
– Increases Metabolic Rate due to increased Thyroid Hormone.
-Elevates Dopamine release (makes us feel good), this release not only motivates us to continue with our training but helps control appetite!
-Raises Seratonin levels; helps promote better quality sleep and once more improves our mood and suppresses appetite.
-Increased HGH release (Human Growth Hormone); for better skin, bone density, growth and repair of muscles.
– Increase Leptin sensitivity (‘appetite’ hormone) – enables more fat burning and reduces cravings through improving appetite control

Will talk about WHAT& WHEN to eat (in general) as well as pre, during and after exercise in the ‘next instalment’

Enjoy your training, enjoy the Sun…. 🙂

Koko Dairy Free – Vegfest October 2013

Posted: October 26th, 2013









Koko Dairy Free - Vegfest October 2013








Nutrition & Diets

Koko Dairy Free is a versatile and palatable dairy free alternative to milk and would be suitable if you need a dairy free diet for cow’s milk protein intolerance or lactose intolerance. Because Koko Dairy Free is free from soya it is also useful where there is soya intolerance. Being free of animal products it is also suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.

Calcium Enriched – are you getting enough?

Koko Dairy Free provides the same level of calcium as semi-skimmed milk. 250ml of Koko Dairy Free provides 37.5% of an adults Recommended Nutrient Intake of calcium.

Calcium is essential for the development and maintenance of strong bones and teeth, (also for normal blood clotting, nerve function and enzyme activity.)

It is an essential nutrient throughout life for everyone and is especially important in children, adolescents and breastfeeding & post menopausal women.

A poor calcium intake can be an important contributory factor in the development of osteoporosis (brittle bones).

For optimum absorption of the calcium in your diet, vitamin D is required. This is made naturally in your skin when it is exposed to sunlight.

Dietary sources of Vitamin D include oily fish (sardines, mackerel), eggs, offal, and vitamin D enriched foods such as margarine and breakfast cereals.

Daily calcium requirements (DOH 1991)

Age group                                  calcium requirement

0-12 months                                       525mg

1-3 years                                             350mg

4-6 years                                            450mg

7-10 years                                          550mg

males 11-18 years                            1000mg

males 19+ years                               700mg

females 11-18 years                        800mg

females 19+ years                           700mg

Breastfeeding                                  an extra 550mg

Food Allergy Diets

If you suspect that you or your child has a food allergy or intolerance then you should make an appointment to see your GP who will be able to carry out allergy testing or refer you to a specialist centre for testing. Your GP is also able to refer you to a Registered Dietitian if dietary changes are necessary.

Other Diets

Fat Reduced & Low Calorie Diets

The total fat content of Koko Dairy Free is similar to semi-skimmed milk, so anyone reducing their fat intake for health reasons would find it a useful alternative to full fat or whole cow’s milk. Studies of populations who rely heavily on coconut oil do not appear to have any greater risk of coronary heart disease.

The fat in Koko Dairy Free is 60% Medium Chain Triglycerides or MCT fat. Breast milk contains some MCT fat, but coconut is one of the very few natural sources of MCT fat in our diets. MCT fats are used in a different way in the body compared to long chain triglycerides (LCTs) and to other saturated fats. They are very efficiently converted into fuel by the body. They do not require bile salts for absorption and may be useful in people with malabsorptive conditions. The MCT fats in Koko Dairy Free (Caprylic Acid, Capric Acid and Lauric Acid) are also thought to have antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiviral properties and naturally occur in human breast milk.

Koko Dairy Free is lower in energy or kilo calories than skimmed and semi-skimmed milk, so is a useful alternative milk for those watching their weight.

Protein Restricted Diets

Koko Dairy Free is low in protein, so may be useful in diets where protein needs to be restricted. 100ml of Koko Dairy Free contains one 5mg phenylalanine exchange.

Guest article – Considering Hiring a Personal Trainer? What to look for. By Cathryn Marshall

Cathryn Marshall Guest Post
Posted: October 20th, 2013
As a fitness professional who has spent 16 years in the personal training industry, I’ve seen a lot. I’ve hired and mentored many personal trainers, some of them excellent at helping others transform into healthy versions, others left much to be desired. From the time I decided to become a trainer, I invested in one. Yes, I still truly believe that spending money on a trainer and coach is by far one of the best investments you’ll make in your life!
An expert at getting results. As a client I look for a trainer who can assess my needs and train me to get results. The question is “What’s in it for me?” We all want to look and feel better, but who is the right trainer to get that job done? Some of my best trainers have been unconventional, but all were truly dedicated to holding me accountable, pushing me appropriately, and they listened to what my needs were.
A business professional. A trainer who is always professional, on time, returns calls and e-mails and has great listening skills. I’ve know some trainers who could really get results, once they got to the gym and managed the schedule. Communication and scheduling skills are critical.
A positive influence. Personality goes a long way in the fitness industry. Kindness, empathy and a great attitude go further. Probably the single biggest problem with trainers is an over-inflted ego. Overkill on a workout with someone who is de-conditioned, leads to a very bad experience post-workout. I’ve heard countless stories from clients about trainers who killed them and they suffered for weeks after the workout. Perhaps the professional trainer could train the newbie appropriately and offer some nutritional guidance and suggestions for additional workouts on their own. A personal trainer should always empower a client, not demoralize him or her. Keep in mind, most clients are feeling their worst when they start a fitness program. It would be great if they wanted to continue and actually make progress. The trainer who focuses on the client and is truly concerned with getting results is the one who has a steady stream of cleints. Ethics and attitude are talked about in social circles.
So as you’re considering building a team by hiring a trainer, do ask questions, and ask to speak to som of the clients too. They will tell you everything you want to know, and more! I sincerely hope you have a wonderful fitness experience.
Warmest regards,
Cathryn Marshall
“Catalyst for positive change”
Fitquest Inc.
4030 Howell Ferry Rd.
Duluth GA

Guest article – My method of lifestyle will work for you, too! By Nastaran Naderi

Naderi Guest Post

Posted : October 12th, 2013

Nowadays every day everywhere we are hearing about good foods, clean eating, fresh foods and exercise…many dodgy magazines and books bombard you with latest nutrition and fitness advices.

Now you might agree, or disagree with me. I respect all your ideas, as my opinion is not just a magic formula that works 100% on everyone. But let me tell my story; a typical day to me for the past many years:

  1. Genes: Whether we like it or not, this is a gift given by God, and cannot be ignored. Your body style, your basic shape, your genetical cells and tissues are all set and unique to you. My friend’s grandfather used to drink alcohol every day from sunrise to senset, smoke like a chimney, and he died in his 90s from old age. I should say that I do not approve of this old man’s lifestyle, but his genes were stronger.
    Some of my clients ask me that they have fat and big shins, and they would like to me to make them as sexy as Nicole Kidman’s. It’s impossible! Nobody can do it…you can shape it up with exercise. You can lose fat and make great muscles. But you can’t change your fundamentals. So try to enjoy your body, inside and outside. Accept the facts, and then you can make many changes with the right diet, daily workout and wearing suitable clothes and garments. Believe me! Robe plays a strong role.
  2. Lifestyle: it’s really important to have a good lifestyle. First of all people around you, friends, neighbors and family always feel good about you and this makes you happier and self-confident. Most importantly when you feel good, you can spread and share this feeling with everyone in touch with you. Having fresh and healthy food, even if you have a weak body foundation, makes you stronger and offers you longer-lasting happy life. I also have genetic issues but I have overcome many of them. For instance my father’s family, from whom I have inherited part of my genes, have lung problems. I don’t just exercise to be thin. My physique is actually strong, but I enjoy challenging those unwanted weaknesses that I inherited. Therefore, I try to have fresh and healthy foods that can help me improve my lung cells. I have witnessed their effect. I look younger and fresher as well as healthier. Trust me! Every now and then, can be every month, or once every 6 months, make a good change in your lifestyle. This constant effort, whether small or big, will prove you its positive result. Not only you, people around you will get inspired, too. This varies from changing your home decoration with some new, not expensive furniture, to growing your home-made vegetables in a small sapid pan or vase. Change your routines, think of new plans, and visit your friends whom you didn’t meet for long time. Buy some gifts and BUY A SPECIAL GIFT FOR YOURSELF, SOMETHING YOU LOVE.
  3. Habits: Have you ever thought how you can make a move and then turn it into a habit? I tell you… When you are interested in something, you search, ask, find points and information, ask again and store the answers. You try to learn more about it, because it is important to you. But how can you become interested in something? I give you my example, Nastaran’s way! For instance you don’t like diet, because you don’t know exactly about its advantages and the benefits that will bring on to you. You do not have the habit of establishing regular exercising program. Because you have not yet grasped the motivation to workout and understanding its benefits. Motivation comes when you only get to understand the benefits. Why do I like to exercise every day? Who pushes me to wake up in the morning, as early as 5:30? No one…It’s just me. Why? How exercise turned into a habit for me? I’ll tell you: my father was an old athletic man. He always encouraged me to do exercise. He was strong and healthy. He was a regular book reader and every single day he used to explain to his family why it was important to learn new things. What are the benefits of fresh healthy diet, like fruit and vegetables? When we were on vacation traveling, he was the first and only person to wake up early in the morning to find out what’s going on in that new area. And he always asked me to join. Everywhere… Maybe that time I was too little to get his intentions. I was a little girl and would love to stay with my mom, shopping and playing with kids. But just after few years, I realized how crazy I was and how amazingly clever my daddy was. That was when I began to like the experience and we were always up early together and enjoying new things.
    Now, it’s your turn: if you want to inspire someone, in your family or friends, begin right now, and begin from yourself. If your parents didn’t motivate you, no worries, you still have time to motivate yourself first and then your family, kids, and friends. It might be a little bit difficult in the first place. With every great goal come great challenges. You need to resist the drawbacks for a little while, and then you will love it soon!
    From now on, try to go to farm marts for your grocery shopping, if possible, or go to organic stores. If it is expensive, just pick fresh daily supermarkets. Search for healthy recipes. Google the key word, find the right picture and click on the link to take you to the recipe page. If you don’t like some of their ingredients, change it to your taste with other interesting spices. Within a short time you will recognize that cooking and baking healthy fresh ideas are so faster, easier, have better presentation and give you better feeling.
    Read more and increase your knowledge about healthy lifestyle. health and fitness groups. They are everywhere and easy to find. At gym, or outside working out, instead of keeping to yourself or feeling gloomy, start to communicate with people who are acting well. Make friends with them. You can learn from them. This makes you read further and try to pass on some knowledge to them next time. Then after some time, you have made new good friends, and guess what, reading and learning new things have become a habit to you. Talk about your habits and motivation. Because when you talk about them, you make a commitment, and that prevents you from running away from it.
  4. Equilibrium & Balance: I believe if somebody has fair good balance in his/her life, neither themselves, nor people around them will be disappointed. In my life and experience, equilibrium is everything. Stay balanced in every way: in your life, your kids’ education, towards your family and friends, at your work, wearing your cloths, your diet, having food (even junk food, drinking water to lose weight, burning fats and building muscles, etc. You should keep a balance at every aspect of your life. If you are not in workout mood one day, don’t punish yourself. Just don’t do it that day. Instead, go shopping, or take a walk; anything that bring your good spirit back If you dig in a big juicy burger, why not! Don’t punish yourself and enjoy! Just be aware that you need to stay Balanced. Don’t have much or do it regularly, keep the variety in your life, while paying attention to the equilibrium. Your beautiful life isn’t worth hurting yourself, suffering. It also influences to your folks. Try to do your best and enjoy your lovely life. Always remember these words: Change, balance, habit, and good lifestyle and being just good person is your main goal in this world. Be enough! Don’t push anyone, specially yourself. Don’t work more than enough for people who ask you or you love them. Be enough! Not more, not less! If more, they perceive it as your duty, and you would feel frustrated, and if less, you feel guilty. Be enough for Everyone… Be enough to yourself and enjoy your life…


Guest article – Staying Fit With the “Busy Disease” by Sandra Blackie

Posted: September 23rd, 2013


As a Health & Fitness Professional, I have listened to my clients describe their challenges and obstacles to me.  The ones I hear the most are, “am too busy to go to the gym” or “I’m busy so what’s healthy that I can grab, on the go?”

Woah! Hold up! Exercising and eating healthy are way too important to “fit in” or “grab on the go”.  Better still, YOU are too IMPORTANT to treat yourself this way!

Health & fitness is a lifestyle. If you are new to the lifestyle, being present and focused on learning new behaviors is paramount. You are worth it!

Start with changes that are easy. Here are 7 Starter Tips to move you towards a healthier, leaner and more energized body!

  1. When you cook dinner, make enough for lunch tomorrow and bring it with you.
  2. Know where you can get healthy food when you are traveling from appointment to appointment.  Even 7/11 has fruit & yogurt!
  3. Place a water bottle at your work station, where you can see it. Staying hydrated will keep you more alert.
  4. Increase your steps. Park further away from the front door of your workplace & walk. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  5. Find fun activities that help you spend more heart beats. Calories are burnt based on heart beats spent. Go dancing, play with your kids! Have fun!
  6. Pack your workout clothes & shoes in your car.
  7. Put your exercise time on your schedule. Treat yourself like you are the most important client of your day.

These tips have been provided by Sandra Blackie, Certified Sports Nutritonist and Personal Trainer. Sandra has been in the fitness industry for over 27 years and has a B.A. in Recreation & Leisure Studies.  She is a retired professional bodybuilder who has appeared in many fitness magazines, both featured and as a contributing writer. Today, Sandra offers health & fitness seminars in the corporate world. In addition, she continues to help men and women achieve their personal health, nutrition, & fitness goals. Allow her to tough your life!

For more information on Sandra’s services and FREE seminars in the San Diego area, contact her at or call 858-273-4151.