Don - Dynamite Personal Fitness Trainer

I’m Don Perrin, owner of Dynamite Personal Fitness (Based in Alresford, Hampshire and surrounding areas, including Winchester). As the name suggests I am providing a fitness service that is both ‘DYNAMICALLY CHARGED’ and PERSONAL…

DYNAMIC in that I can guarantee the sessions you book; both group and individual will include and combine all the components of Fitness on differing days:-

  • Muscular Endurance & Strength
  • Abdominal Strength & Core Conditioning
  •  Power (speed and strength)
  • Aerobic (cardiovascular)
  • Balance & Agility (motor fitness)
  • Flexibility

PERSONAL in that groups and individuals will receive a highly committed, motivated, friendly and enthusiastic level of service from myself, based on 19 years of Sports Coaching principally tennis. (see About Us)

The classes/sessions and the services/packages I can offer extend to everyone, regardless of age, ability, gender, height,weight, body type or whether you are seeking to maintain, gain or develop general physical fitness or sports specific fitness… nutritional analysis, help with weight loss (fat loss), increasing metabolism, hormonal influences/imbalances are also fundamental to your fitness… I will deliver.  (see Client Testimonials)

Whatever your goal Dynamite Personal Fitness (DPF) will help to fulfil and EXCEED your EXPECTATIONS!

‘DPF’ extends beyond the ‘cool down’ of your last session…

Take a look at our Facebook page and blog – there’s a library/blog of local, national and international information; covering fitness resources, events, discounts and incentives for you. Why not email your own comments/pictures etc.?


Practice ‘exercise of the week’ try snacks with less than 200 calories (even 100)! Participate and record your scores on ‘my fitness challenges’ , discover ‘kids meals that are happier than happy meals’, review articles from influential fitness ‘gurus’ on the web…

DPF clients can also receive, incentives and discounts from local and national suppliers, including ‘yours truly’.

Clients are also sent my personal training programs via email during school holidays…….HEHE……no excuses.

Theres a “whats new” page showing new initiatives, promotions, discounts etc..

Call me on +44 (0)7771 554161 or contact me for any information regarding Dynamite personal Fitness and see how I can help you and your friends…